Market volatility on your mind?

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With the unpredictability of markets today, one thing investors can be certain of is that informed investment decisions based on a long term strategic approach is the best defense to enhancing and protecting wealth.

At Richardson GMP, we understand the concerns weighing on investors’ minds today, and as a result we have created three timely reports that discuss strategies for today’s changing market.

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Investing for income: Investment strategies for today’s volatile market

Times have changed. Long gone are the days when a Canadian retiree could receive a comfortable income stream from investments no more esoteric than term deposits and government bonds.

Today, income investing includes dividend paying equities, real estate investment trusts, hybrid securities like convertible debentures and structured products. Combined, these tools can generate income, but they can also reduce portfolio volatility, provide an element of growth, and fight the longer term effects of inflation.

Discover practical strategies to enhance your income, reduce your taxes and protect your wealth.  

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Contact us and request a copy of our proprietary report: "Investing for Income: Strategies for Today’s Volatile Market”.


Five smart planning strategies for volatile markets

Market volatility is one of the realities of investing today. Political upheaval, world events, natural disasters and economic volatility are having a dramatic effect on global markets.

Volatile markets don’t necessarily mean that you should be liquidating your investments it does however, mean that you need to rethink your financial planning strategy to better accommodate the challenges of the market.

Gain special insight into how you can readjust your approach to survive volatile markets. 

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Contact us and request a copy of our proprietary report: "Five Smart Planning Strategies for Volatile Markets”.


Opportunities in U.S. real estate: It’s the right time to be looking south

There has been a dramatic erosion of real estate values in the U.S. across both the residential, retail and commercial sectors following the credit and sub-prime mortgage crisis in 2008.

While Canadian real estate values were impacted, the decline was shallower and the recovery quicker. As such, a significant gap exists between U.S. and Canadian real estate prices. Learn why this and other key factors are creating a unique and attractive opportunity for Canadians to invest in U.S. residential, retail and commercial real estate assets.

Learn how to take advantage of today’s U.S. real estate opportunities. 

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Contact us and request a copy of our proprietary report: "It’s the Right Time to be Looking South”.