The Kaufman Wealth Group: 

We are an award-winning wealth management and portfolio advisory practice, driven to help our clients have their hard-earned money work for them. We strive to accomplish this through the creation of portfolios designed to achieve consistent and stable returns. While we work with successful entrepreneurs, executives, professionals, retirees, foundations and endowments, all our clients share the same mentality; "Make Me Money and Don't Lose It." 

The wild and arbitrary swings of equity markets are something our clients neither need, nor desire, to experience. Our conservative, prudent, and measured approach to helping our clients preserve and grow their wealth, works so that when markets are strong, we participate, and where they are not, we insulate. While some volatility must be accepted in order to generate returns above the risk-free rate, we are experts in building portfolios that mitigate volatility dramatically, leading to a calmer, gentler, and more profitable investment experience.  

Purely impartial and objective in our advice, we work closely with our clients' tax and legal professionals to optimize their affairs, create their legacy, and achieve their financial goals, which require careful planning, time, and money. 


To discuss your specific circumstances or anything financially-related, please feel free to connect with us. We look forward to meeting you! 




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