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A specialty in convertible bonds and preferred shares

I specialize in fixed income solutions, maximizing yields from various bonds. In recent years I have specialized in convertible bonds and preferred shares because they tend to provide favourable growth during uncertain market conditions.

Corporate bonds. Corporate bonds work like government bonds, but usually pay over twice as much interest. They enhance your returns, balance your portfolio and safeguard against loss. They are available in a wide range of maturities, from 1- to 30-year terms. Unlike GICs, they can be bought and sold prior to their maturity dates without built-in-penalties. Convertible bonds are corporate bonds that can be converted into equities. They offer all the advantages of corporate bonds and also provide both the yield from the bond and shares in the company once the bonds are converted into equities.

These and other fixed income solutions are an excellent way to enhance your returns, balance your portfolio and safeguard against loss. Pension funds are renowned for astute long-term investing and most of them have a huge portion of their assets in corporate bonds.

Alternative investing. I enjoy access to institutionally-priced new issues and, occasionally, high-potential small deals with the potential for large gains. Occasionally, investments come to my attention in start-up companies whose management teams are well known to me as having a strong track record. My risk-tolerant investors appreciate these chances to add a small amount of growth component to their portfolios.

Charitable giving. If you dream of supporting the arts, conserving natural resources, advancing medical research or helping the world’s underprivileged children, I can help ensure your gift complements your overall wealth management strategy and supports your cause in a way that is effective, lasting and tax-smart.