Endowments, foundations, charities, and trusts

Endowments, foundations, charities and trusts constitute a key part of our business. We provide the same quality of service we offer family clients, with additional services tailored to foundations, endowments, and charities.

We build a carefully developed, well-articulated Investment Policy Statement from our analysis of each client's financial situation, risk tolerance, and goals. Each client's portfolio is monitored regularly and adjusted as necessary.

Our team regularly performs third party manager due diligence reviews: all funds are regularly evaluated and compared to their peers. We also provide regular performance reporting relative to the unique goals of each client for their portfolio.

For our non-profit clients whose investment policy precludes equity investments, we run a successful fixed income portfolio that actively manages interest rate risk, while providing cash flow sufficient to meet legislated disbursement requirements.

We have many years of experience in managing portfolios for organizational clients. We are committed to establishing continuing relationships with our clients by offering our thorough, rigorous investment process, commitment to discretion on our clients' behalf, and comprehensive wealth management services.