Our investment process

The Ortencio Group offers a premier level of Discretionary Portfolio Management with the ability to execute investment decisions in a timely and efficient manner for all clients, on the same terms.

One encompassing fee conveniently covers all costs and eliminates the conflict of interest often associated with a transactional service offer.

Our team holds itself to a higher standard of care by only acting in our clients’ best interest.

"What kind of investor am I?"

Our objective is to see the investments through your eyes, uncovering your priorities and discovering the factors that motivate you as investors.

We work with you to develop a complete picture of your history, needs, investment time horizon and risk tolerance.

Strategic Asset Allocation - Core | Satellite

Our investment process combines a diversified Core investment strategy with Satellite investment modules that pursue less correlated, "Alpha" opportunities.

  The Core investments are strategically spread across various geographical regions and asset classes, primarily in Exchange Traded Funds related to major indices.

The Satellites investments are then applied based on risk tolerance, time horizon, and overall investment policy. These can include hedge strategies, high yield bonds, private equity or real estate.

Want to learn more about Asset Allocation and how our Core | Satellite Strategy can work for you?  Contact Us.

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