What our clients say:

“Thanks to The Ortencio Group and their comprehensive approach to financial planning I was able to retire before my target age of 55. Understanding my personal goals, unique situation and risk tolerance, Frank and his team constructed and implemented my financial plan well before my desired retirement age. During the financial crisis of 2008 I was relieved knowing my finances were in good hands. By using his disciplined approach Frank is able to keep my finances on track. Frank and his team continue to monitor and review my plan on an on-going basis. What I appreciate most is that this service has allowed me to retire comfortably and with peace-of-mind. By entrusting Frank to handle "wealth management" I am free to enjoy life and my retirement."
—Carole A.


 “The Ortencio Group implemented a tax efficient investment strategy to enhance my after tax returns. Through proper planning and advised programs they have ensured my legacy will be passed on to my beneficiaries as well as to my charities of choice.”
—Ray A.


“During a very hard time in my life when my husband passed away, I soon was met with complex financial matters to sort through. The compassionate, practical and excellent advice and work of Frank and The Ortencio Group provided me with a simplified yet disciplined process ensuring my comprehension every step of the way. They continue in this role. It was then, and is now, a great relief.”
—Donna J.