1. Fee-Only Financial Planning

  1. How much do I need to save to achieve my desired level of retirement savings?
  2. How can I ensure that what I have saved will last me in my retirement?
  3. How will other income sources such as OAS, CPP and personal pension plans support my retirement?
  4. What is the most tax efficient way to save for and then to withdraw an income for my retirement?
  5. Is my current investment strategy correctly positioned to support my future income goals?

Using the latest financial planning software in conjunction with over 25 years of experience creating and implementing plans for families and business owners, we offer a one stop solution that will answer the one question all Canadians have about their Retirement: How will I achieve a financially secure retirement? Presented live in our Burlington boardroom and then later bound for future reference and use, your new Financial Plan will serve as a road map for successfully saving for a happy and confident retirement.

Contact us today at 289.288.2412 or email us at Patrick.Tenpenny@RichardsonGMP.com to arrange an initial phone call to discuss your options.

2. Fee-Based Investment Management

In addition to our Financial Planning service, we offer a tailored fee-based investment service. We have a number of different investment options that we can offer to support your Financial Plan. Our focus is on achieving the correct investment diversification strategy and minimizing costs. Rather than paying brokerage commissions every time your portfolio requires maintenance, we charge a single, competitive fee based on the balance of your assets. The goal is to create well balanced, lower cost portfolios that support the long term retirement goals of our clients.


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