Manage your risks by identifying them upfront.

Once you know where your “floor” is — the level below which your wealth may not fall — it is easy to layer on the appropriate investment and tax and estate planning blocks.

On the investment side, we construct your portfolio so that it can generate steady, reliable returns. The only way to do this is to include strategies that do not rely on markets going up to make money. In this, we seek investment types that are uncorrelated to market direction and designed to make money in all market conditions.

We draw on three different “buckets” of investment strategies to build our portfolios. How your portfolio is composed across these asset types depends entirely on your investment goals (short and long-term).

  • Private-market yield: collaterlized loans, real estate yield for stable capital and significant yield
  • Equity: dividends, outperformance, private equity for tax-preferred growth
  • Advanced income and equity strategies: to capture the upside of markets while reducing the downside

We also take full advantage of Richardson GMP’s tax and estate planning professionals to ensure that risks in other areas of your life are managed so that you and the people and causes you care most about are protected and cared for within the scope of your wealth management plan.