Our vision

Comprehensive services for busy investors

Affluent people lead busy, demanding lives. With commitments to business, family, sports and hobbies, many of these people do not have the time, skill or inclination to manage their money.

Dalton Wealth Partners take the time to learn about your circumstances and preferences in depth to understand where you are and where you want to go. Then, we design strategic financial plans that define the steps you need to take — and are comfortable taking.  We also keep you informed on economic trends and provide strategic leadership to help you make wise financial decisions so you can enjoy life.

As an insurance advisor, Blake Dalton, CFA can consolidate your investments with your estate and insurance solutions to help you minimize tax.

A focus on investing for Partners in the audit profession

Over the years, Dalton Wealth Partners have also developed a specialty of providing tailored investment services to professionals in the Accounting, Audit and Advisory fields. These individuals are under considerable constraints that prevent them from investing in any companies for whom they are performing services — and we tailor investment plans to your unique circumstances and goals that comply with these rules.