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Women of Influence


"Who says the financial industry is a boys' club?" Bev Evans was recently recognized as one of 42 women trailblazers who are leaving that traditional view in the dust. In this interview she highlights how communication helps her team provide assurance to their clients, whether in volatile markets or through life challenges.

Monthly Market Insights (video)

Policy Trumps Cycle

As we roll into 2017, the glass appears half full.  This video explores what might be coming this year.

This is what you can see/hear in this month's 7 minute edition:

  • 2016 - market highlights
  • Economically, the cycle is strong -  market cycle model continues to favour a continuation of the current cycle.
  • Deflation to reflation - if bond cycles continue to rise then deflationary strategies that worked in the past are in trouble, while reflationary strategies will be winners.
  • Bring on the big "G" - turn on the government spending taps.
  • Is it finally time for the return of Capex? - many positive indications that we could see a strong rebound in capex this year.
  • Investment risks for 2017 - three things to watch out for this year

Please click here for the latest market outlook webcast from Craig Basinger, CIO of the Investment Management Group at Richardson GMP.