Since 1857, the Richardson Family has prospered, becoming one of Canada’s leading business families and a key partner of Richardson GMP. Their legacy has taught us much about intergenerational wealth building and transfer. Let us now support your journey to build wealth for your family and future generations. 

The Richardson family inspires and reflects core values of integrity, trust, leadership and excellence. With those same guiding principles, Andersen Midgely Wealth Counsel is committed to serving as your family’s dedicated CFO.

We specialize in family wealth planning for a select group of successful professionals and business owners. Working collaboratively, we put together all the pieces of the financial picture, helping you achieve your wealth, lifestyle and legacy goals.  

Our practice has developed a process called “The Legacy FORMula,” which identifies key lifestyle stages when it comes to your wealth. Our approach guides you through the complexities of each, including the many changes, transitions and milestones, and provides you with relevant and effective solutions and options.   

Ultimately, we strive to partner with you to achieve the many goals, hopes and dreams you hold for yourself, your family, your business and your community.


Family, Occupation, Recreation, Money, or FORM

Our practice takes a wholistic and panoramic approach to your wealth planning needs: We consider your Family dynamics, Occupational issues and Recreational interests alongside your Money to address the big picture of your wealth. FORM helps to capture all relevant information that shapes your long-term plan.


Wholistic Overview Sounding Board Service
Action Plan Income For Life
Investment Execution Customized Portfolio Solutions
Change in Life Next Steps
Retirement Income Retirement Income
Optimization (RIO)
Tax & Estate Estate Settlement Process
Philanthropy Legacy


Client life cycle stages