Testimonials from our clients

Our clients are our biggest supporters. Here is what our clients say about us:


"Michael has built me a personalized strategy to help me attain my objective of a comfortable retirement. Michael always makes time to speak to me and consult with me on any financial question. I recommend Michael and his team for anyone looking for a financial advisor! I can also rely on Michael to stay on top of new investment solutions and changing legislation that can provide improved results for my clients."

— Roy (January 2020)


"Thank you for the results you have achieved for us over the past years. The fact we are satisfied customers over all this time is a testament to the confidence we have in your knowledge, advice and integrity. Of course we also enjoy dealing with you." 

— Don & Lynne (June 2017)


"After dealing with Michael for many years, I can say that our interaction is by far the best I have had with an investment advisor. Our communication is neither too much nor too little during a given year. I can reach out to him and will get a call back within 24 hours. He takes the time to explain situations and provides recommendations without pressing. He fully understands people's risk levels and positions the portfolio accordingly. My needs are fully met and the success of my portfolio is a testament for me."

— Paul (November 2015)


"I just wanted to let you know how much I really like you. When it comes to our investments and the bottom line, I like to ask the tough questions to get a better understanding of my options. In my opinion you have always been forth coming and honest in your replies. You don't take a defensive approach to your answers and that's what I admire about you. This is probably no news to you since we had already given you a hint by moving all our investments with you when you decided to make a change in your business affiliation (by coming to Richardson GMP). We made the right decision staying on board with you. Keep up the good work!" 

— Lucie & Frank (February 2015)


"Michael has been managing my personal investment portfolio as well as other family members over the course of the last few years. Michael has provided us with exceptional service while providing substantial growth. Michael has proven himself to be a reliable trusted partner, visionary and expert in his field. In my experience, Michael is very personable and takes great care in getting to know his clients and their investment/retirement objectives and performing constant reviews enabling him to best manage portfolios to deliver optimal results. As a value added tool, Michael and AMT Wealth Counsel (now Andersen Midgley Wealth Counsel) provide very informative weekly market insights. I would highly recommend Michael as an Investment Advisor as well as the rest of AMT Wealth Counsel (now Andersen Midgley Wealth Counsel), I can assure you there would be no regret!"

— Danielle (November 2014)