Trump's 100 Days

Trump's 100 Day Plan

Trump's Tax Policies 

How your portfolio can benefit from Trump's plan 

1.    Trump’s proposed tax cut from 32% to 15% may substantially enhance the value of US equities.
2.    Capital held offshore by US corporation may be repatriated to the US at a proposed 10% withholding tax.  Should this be enacted by the House and Senate, it would be extremely beneficial for capital investment inside the US. It is estimated that there is $2.0 Trillion offshore.
3.    The proposed relaxing of regulations would potentially lead to enhanced corporate profitability and economic stimulus.
4.    The possible fiscal investment in infrastructure may accelerate US job creation and economic activity even further.
5.    Housing prices and new home starts may benefit from rising employment wages; as a result of Trump’s proposed policies
6.    There is a possibility that Trump’s proposed policies would lead to an increase in entrepreneurship helped by the success of “big business” and economic expansion


Sectors that could do well if Trump is able to move his plan forward: 

•    US Financials
•    US Industrials
•    US Energy and Infrastructure
•    US Pharmaceuticals

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