The Legacy FORMula

Your wealth. Your lifestyle. Your legacy.

Andersen Midgley Wealth Counsel aims to be our client’s personal CFO. Our team of specialists does family wealth planning for a select group of successful professionals and business owners. We work collaboratively to put all the pieces of the financial picture together, helping clients achieve their wealth, lifestyle, and legacy goals.

Our practice has developed a process called “The Legacy FORMula”, which categorizes important lifecycle stages into main categories. We have a process to address each of these categories to guide clients through the complexities for the changes, milestones and transitions in their lives.

When needed, we can integrate with our client’s existing professional specialists (accountants, lawyers, etc.) to achieve a comprehensive wealth plan in tax, estate, philanthropy, insurance, and business succession. We also have in-house as well as external strategic partners that we may recommend.

Ultimately, we strive to partner with clients to achieve the lifestyle and milestones that they have envisioned for themselves, their families, their businesses, and community at large.

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Tax & Estate Planning


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Train arriving, symbolizing timely insights

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