Why invest for income

Major pension Plans such as the Ontario Teachers’ Pension plan focus on investments that generate cash flows. Pension funds rely on this cash flow to pay their retirees. Pension plans must earn a return whether markets are good or bad. They have to pay their clients no matter what the markets conditions are. By using income generating investments, pension funds solve many of these liquidity problems and are able to pay their members.

This is a process that has been incorporated by our team and refined for individual investors to Generate Consistent income in good times and bad.

Income investments

Income investments we utilize are:

  • Stocks

  • Corporate bonds

  • Preferred shares

  • Real-estate based investments

These investments provide consistent yield. The income is steady and predictable from these investments which allows better planning for the future. This cash-flow has many advantages including being used to fund retirement lifestyles. But also using the cash flow during market dips to turn it into an opportunity to buy quality investments at discounted prices.